Say hello, to the new you!

Colour, density, natural, full/partial, straight, or arched?

Fine details like these enhance YOUR transformation, making you feel like a NEW person every time you look in the mirror.

At Hair Illusions, our goal is to help you become the person you aspire to be. Natural Hairline or Edge-up look? Arched or Straight? Light or Dark? We will help guide you through the decision-making process, providing fresh options and solutions.  Then stand back and enjoy your transformation. Together we will put it all together to enhance the best YOU! Hair Illusions is there to support and guide you through the entire procedure from start to finish.

Hair Illusions takes pride not only in the visual transformation but raising your confidence, self-esteem and taking years off your appearance.

    Meet Your Technician

    Yvonne, owner of HAIR ILLUSIONS is an award-winning artist who operates two locations to serve your transformation needs better in Toronto as well as in Bradford.

    Yvonne is a medical aesthetician who was formally trained years ago at a private college in the Toronto area.  With her extensive art background using many mediums from oil, wood, and stained glass she has a keen eye for detail and is very meticulous.  Many refer to her as being a perfectionist but in this nature of work, it is a great quality to possess.  Some of her clients have accused her of “creating miracles”.   Whiling continuing to show her commitment, skill and artistic abilities, Yvonne was the WORLDWIDE recipient of the 2017 and 2018 BEST ARTIST AWARD from the largest micropigmentation company in the world. Yvonne continues to travel the globe to upgrade her skills as well as share her knowledge and passion with others by teaching them how to perfect the art of micropigmentation as well as other permanent make-up techniques.

    “I have had personal experiences in changing the lives of two of my sons-in-law.  One of them avoided family Sunday dinners for years, as he had to remove his hat at the table.  Not only did I change his life but my daughters and those around them as well.  Their outlook on life totally changed right from the first session.  Micropigmentation has given back confidence to my family.  It’s truly amazing how just a “dot” can change a man’s outlook when he looks in the mirror.”

    “Through every procedure, whether it be micropigmentation or brow microblading, I am committed to helping people, helping YOU.   I will be there every step of the way to ensure you have the best experience possible throughout your transformation needs”.

    “I consider myself very lucky as I am granted the opportunity to touch so many lives each and every day.  Self-confidence is something no one should be without, especially when virtually pain-free treatments are at your fingertips”.

    Self-confidence is something NO one should be without. Especially, when virtually pain-free treatments are at your fingertips!!

    Hair Illusions offers FREE no-obligation consultations, 7 days a week,  at both locations to suit your busy schedules.

    Self-confidence is something NO one should be without especially when virtually pain-free treatments are at your fingertips.

    Diplomas & Certificates


    Medical Aesthetician Honors

    • Scalpa Academy
    • Nano Needling Specialist
    • Lashionista Technician
    • HDi Embrodery Brows
    • Microblading Brow Technician
    • Swiss Color Permanent Make-up
    • Swiss Color Certification
    • Epilfree Certification
    • YumiLashes Specialist

    Why choose Hair Illusions?

    At Hair Illusions, we pride ourselves on addressing the individual needs of each client while eliminating any concerns and/or questions. We take the time to get to know our clients personally while transforming their dreams into reality. We understand how each treatment changes the lives of not only those who receive treatment but all those around them.

    Self-confidence every time you look in the mirror is more powerful than you think!​​

    Imagine waking up to perfectly groomed “Hair Illusions”!


    Hair Illusions / Scalp Micropigmentation Toronto

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    Hair Illusions / Scalp Micropigmentation Toronto

    “Thank you, for knocking years off my appearance and giving me my confidence back. You will never know how much this has changed my outlook on tomorrow, now the possibilities are endless!”


    “I looked into every mirror I walked by all day! and slightly dangerously in the rear view mirror all the way home. I love them! I’ve been sending updates to my curious friends/future clients. lol…Thanks again!”


    “The ladies can’t believe it’s not my real hair. My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago!”


    “I really love my new look… everytime I look in the mirror now, I smile. I had dinner with some close friends last night and they too were amazed at how great my brows look… Thank you again!”


    “All I can say is… you changed my life! Thank you again!”


    “There is no holding me back now as I have my confidence back. I was a bit skeptical but my wife pushed me. This is one time I’m so glad she did. Now that I have experienced the transformation…life couldn’t get any better!”