Information on Training Program

Certification classes available 7 days a week. ONEonONE or small groups specializing in scalp micropigmentation or permanent makeup Kits include enough supplies to recoup the initial investment. Training available at two locations Bradford or Toronto

Scalp Micropigmentation Certification

This 3-day ONE-on-ONE personal training will give you the confidence to perform and perfect Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). You will be taught to perform the entire scalp transformation from client consultation to post-procedure aftercare.  You will learn how to create a well defined through to a more natural hairline. Other professional techniques such as blending surrounding hair, appreciation of hair density and penetration depth, as well as concealment of alopecia and scar camouflage,  will also be shown to you during your training. In addition, you will have the opportunity to be coached through a live Scalp Micropigmentation procedure of your own.

Upon completion of your course, you will receive certification as well as continued support.

Permanent make-up Certification

The art of permanent makeup requires particular attention to detail and know-how.  During the course of your training, we specialize in one area: eyeliner, lips or eyebrows at a time. You will learn the basic knowledge and process for a permanent makeup procedure.  It starts with the consultation and ends with the follow-up aftercare treatment.  You will learn everything necessary to make you ready and confident to pigment on your own.  In addition, you will be coached through a live procedure of your own.

Upon completion of your course, you will receive certification as well as continued support.

Training Student Testimonial

“Yvonne thank you for being such an amazing trainer! You blew me away with your talent and helped me master the art of scalp micropigmentation. Thank you! You’re the best!!”

Zenah Masri

“I’m an experienced medical aesthetician who did the basic and advanced training  course at Hair Illusions with Yvonne. The training I received was thorough, world-class, and extremely informative. Yvonne was patient and explained everything that I needed to know about the special techniques involved in smp.

Her course was well thought out,  planned and insightful. She made me feel comfortable throughout the course and explained in full detail about what the precautions are and even where to get the proper supplies needed for the best results. She is such a lovely soul. I was lucky to have her train me. I highly recommend her course because SMP is not an easy skill there is much technique involved and Yvonne is one of the best and to be good you have to learn from the best.”

Theresa N