Before and After Pictures

Complete Reconstruction:

Due to Alopecia, hormones, genetics or medications

Brow Microblading - Hair Illusions

“I really love my new look… every time I look in the mirror now, I smile. I had dinner with some close friends last night and they too were amazed at how great my brows look…      Thank you again!”


Due to surgical scarring and/or trauma

“I looked into every mirror I walked by all day! and slightly dangerously in the rearview mirror all the way home. I love them! I’ve been sending updates to my curious friends/future clients. lol…Thanks again!”

Undefined Brows

Fill-in over plucked brows

Partial Brow Reconstruction

Due to health-related or genetic issues (eg. illness, medications)

Full / Partial Reconstruction​

Due to aging, hormonal issues causing hair loss

“I never thought I would ever have brows again. I can’t thank you enough. When I showed my husband for the first time after the procedure we shed tears together as he knew how important brows were to me.

Thank you, thank you!”