Scalp micropigmentation can give you options where you thought you may have had none.

As you can see this great guy, Darin, had some density issues. Especially, in the crown and temple area.

In this case, he is a perfect candidate for scalp micropigmentation.  After listening to him, his main concern was density, he wanted the appearance of a fuller head of hair.  Thinking that the only way to achieve this was to shave his scalp.

I offered my professional option as in this case I felt he had a couple of great options available to him.  So together we decided that by shaving his head for his procedures would allow for better consistency for placement of dots and would also allow for style options in the end.

During the summer or warmer months, he could go cleanly shaven.  While during the cooler or winter months he has the option to regrow his hair because we choose to add density to the full top but stay within his existing frontal hairline.

Pre-planning his transformation gave him options that he loves!

In his words…

“Can’t say enough about my experience with Yvonne at Hair Illusions…. Very professional and the attention to detail was second to none… I’m blown away by the results and would recommend her services to anyone… thanks again for the amazing transformation and newfound confidence this experience has given me!” Darin

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