This young gentleman travelled all the way from Africa to study here in Toronto, ON.  While away from home over the next 3 years he slowly continued to lose his hairline, confidence and thus becoming very self-conscious about his ageing appearance.

He was set to return home to attend his sister’s wedding celebration but as time drew near to return to Africa he became more and more anxious.

He decided to look into hair loss solutions and came across micropigmentation.  After doing some research into scalp micropigmentation, he decided it was the best natural-looking solution and booked a free consultation with me.

After meeting with him we decided that he was a perfect candidate and started his transformation immediately.

Hair Illusions

Having completed his transformation and with confidence restored he is able to return home for his sister’s wedding with his “hair illusions” looking his absolute best.

It’s always an honour to take part in transforming someone’s life.

Thank you, safe travels and see you upon your return. : )

This particular client is considering taking my certification course as he saw first hand the impact “dots” can make in someone’s life.

Looking for a new career? Certification is available 7 days a week to fit your schedule. Join me and together we can change more lives!

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